Meet the Founder

Jon Henderson

It all really began one day when I was searching the web for information about water filters for our kitchen faucet. I wanted a product that would provide great quality drinking water for my family, and after a few hours of web surfing I was inundated with facts and information about water quality.

I realized great quality water at home wasn’t just about one faucet filter, but involved a whole range of different items in the home. I realized water efficiency, heating and softening were all a part of the greater topic and so began my journey to make sure my home water was at its best.

I am by no means an expert in the field, but it has been my goal to put together a knowledgeable team that can help other homeowners like myself gain knowledge and make smarter decisions about the quality of their home water.

Whether you are looking for information on Water Filters for improved drinking water, Water Heaters for efficient and enhanced hot water, or Water Softeners for tackling those hard water issues, I hope that H2Home Lab can assist you.

If you have any question or would like to get in contact, please contact us here.

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