Why is my hot water cloudy? Is it time to Worry?

Why is my hot water cloudy

Hot water from faucets can sometimes have a milky or cloudy appearance. These are the tiny air bubbles from the hot water causing agitation in the water. Since hot air rises, leaving the cloudy hot water out on the counter for a few minutes will draw out the air bubbles … Read more

How to tell if hot water heater Element is bad?

How to tell if hot water heater element is bad

If you’re experiencing problems with your hot water, it’s essential to determine whether the issue is with the heater itself or another component related to your plumbing. One common problem that people experience is a bad water heater element. There are obvious signs that point towards a bad hot water … Read more

Why Does Soft Water Feel Slimy?

Why does soft water feel slimy

Why does soft water feel slimy? Water tends to feel slick and slimy after the water softening process. This phenomenon is caused by the higher salt content in soft water. The sodium or potassium ions are the salt deposits that remove the magnesium and calcium ions in hard water. Although … Read more

15 Common Water Softener Problems To Be Aware Of

Water Softener Problems

It’s crucial to know the most common water softener problems and how to fix them. This article will tell you about these problems so that you always have the upper hand. If the system is acting up, it won’t deliver clean, soft, and quality water on demand. Home appliances break … Read more