Best 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater

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Best 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater

Water heaters are such an integral part of our lives today that we cannot overlook the need of having a high-quality, durable, and efficient water heater in our homes. Although there are several heating options available, gas and electricity tend to be the most popular ones.

However, in an ever-evolving environment-conscious world, people are more inclined towards more eco-friendly heating solutions. This environmental consciousness is why electric water heaters are more popular than their counterpart gas heaters.

We tested six products and found A.O Smith’s ProMax Short ENS-50 to be the best 50 gallon electric water heater for average-sized homes, looking for an affordable and effective heating system.

50-gallon tanks are perfect for average-sized families or multiple people using several sources of hot water simultaneously. On this list, we have compiled some of the best 50 gallon electric water heater. These heaters are ideal for both home and commercial use.

Best 50 Gallon Electric Water Heaters

  1. A.O. Smith ENS-50 ProMax Short 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater – Best Overall
  2. A.O. Smith PNS-50 ProMax 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater – Excellent recovery rate 
  3. Voltex FPTU-50 Hybrid Electric Heat Pump – Best for Easy Maintenance
  4. Rheem MR50245 Marathon Tall – Best for Small Household
  5. Westinghouse 52 gallon Electric Water Heater – Best for Efficiency
  6. State HPX-50-DHPTNE Premier Hybrid Electric Heat Pump – Best for Water Heating Savings

Best 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater Reviews

A.O. Smith ENS-50 ProMax Short

The ProMax short has an appealing design. The design is compact enough for your home and large enough to provide adequate hot water for the whole family.

Like many other A.O Smith’s products, the ENS-50 is built to last and will serve your home’s heating needs for a long time to come. The reliable water heater maximizes your hot water output while at the same time cutting down on your water heating expenses. 

Environmentally-friendly insulation reduces your standby heat loss significantly, keeping the water hot for even longer.

It comes with a high-quality stainless steel tank, non-CFC insulation, stainless steel anode, and two 5500 watt heating elements. The ProMax also comes equipped with the Dynaclean diffuser dip tube.

This dip tube is designed to minimize the build-up of lime and sediments and maximize the outlet flow.

AO Smith ENS-50 Gallon Electric Water Heater

The innovative feature is useful for busy families who don’t have a lot of time for frequent maintenance of the heater. For enhanced durability, the tank is glass-lined and fitted with a sacrificial anode to protect it from corrosion and rust.

The ProMax Short is excellent for people looking to take that shift from gas heating to electric heating due to the pollution gas heaters cause. It is also much easier to install and requires little to no maintenance. Although the ProMax is compact enough for easy installation, you should get a professional plumber from A.O. Smith water heaters.


  • Warranty – 6-year limited tank
  • Energy Star Rating – Yes
  • Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) – 0.92
  • Recovery Rate – 21 GPH at 90 degree rise
  • First Hour Rating (FHR) – 57 GPH


  • Very affordable
  • Compact
  • Environmentally Friendly Insulation
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Strong Brand and Warranty


  • One of the lower Uniform Energy Factor Ratings
  • plumber“>Need a plumber to install

A.O. Smith PNS-50 ProMax Short

If you are looking for an affordable water heater that is both durable and easy to maintain, you cannot go wrong with the A.O. Smith.

The PNS-50 delivers unparalleled quality and value when it comes to 50-gallon electric water heaters. 

The ProMax heater maximizes your hot water output while at the same time reducing your water heating costs.

The heater features an environmentally-friendly design that significantly minimizes standby heat loss when not in use. It comes with a 50-gallon nominal tank that delivers an impressive 4,500 watts. 

The ProMax is also equipped with a sacrificial anode. This feature protects the tank against the corrosive effects of water.

AO Smith PNS-50 Gallon Electric Water Heater

If you are looking for an affordable but durable water heater, the PNS-50 might be just what you are looking for. The electric water heater provides enough hot water for up to three simultaneous showers, or one long 26-minute shower.


  • Warranty – 10-year limited warranty and 6-year, limited parts warranty
  • Energy Star Rating – Yes
  • Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) – 0.92
  • Recovery Rate – 21 GPH at 90 Degree rise
  • First Hour Rating (FHR) – 57 GPH


  • Affordable and Durable
  • Environmentally Friendly Insulation
  • Strong Brand and Warranty


  • plumber“>Need a plumber to install

Voltex FPTU-50 Hybrid Electric Heat Pump

The Voltex Hybrid electric heater is undoubtedly one of the best products on this list. It features an advanced design that pulls green heat while at the same time cooling and dehumidifying air.

The innovative technology helps cut the heating expenses by up to 73%, saving you hundreds of dollars every year.

The Voltex heat pump is equipped with a user-friendly display that shows the temperature setting, operating modes, and diagnostics.

It also comes with a heavy-duty anode to protect the tank for up to 6 years and a vacation mode that saves you money while you are away. 

The Voltex heater also features two backup heating elements that assist the heater recover quickly in periods of high demand.

Voltex FPTU-50 Gallon Hybrid Electric Water Heater


  • Warranty – 6-year limited warranty and 6-year, limited parts warranty
  • Energy Star Rating – Yes
  • Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) – 3.42
  • Recovery Rate
  • First Hour Rating (FHR) – 66 GPH


  • Excellent Uniform Energy Factor Rating
  • Digital Display with operation modes and diagnostics
  • Vacation Mode
  • Two backup heating elements for quicker heat recovery


  • Quite pricey compared to other products

Rheem MR50245 Marathon Tall

The Marathon Tall tank is one of the most efficient, effective, and durable electric water heaters you’ll find in the market. This lightweight tank boasts a high-efficiency design that helps you save up a considerate amount on your electricity bill. Also, the seamless polybutene tank ensures the tank is protected from rust and corrosion. 

The heater features several layers of filament wound fiberglass to enhance the tank’s strength and durability. It also features polyurethane insulation to help cut down the overall energy consumption and a polyethylene outer cover to keep it safe from scratches, dents, and salt air. 

The unit employs electric immersion elements that transform all their energy into heat, which means no energy whatsoever is wasted when heating the water.

Rheem Marathon 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater

The Rheem’s water heater’s lightweight makes it easy to maneuver and set up in the desired position, while the bowl-shaped tank bottom drains completely to remove any sediments trapped in it.

The Marathon tall tank comes with a six-year warranty on parts. However, it is important to note that some users of the Rheem water heater have pointed out that it is quite difficult to acquire some of these parts.


  • Warranty – Lifetime limited warranty on tank and six years on parts
  • Energy Star Rating – Yes
  • Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) – 0.91
  • Recovery Rate – 21 GPH
  • First Hour Rating (FHR) – 61 GPH


  • Lightweight and Efficient
  • Polybutene tank protects against rust and corrosion
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy Installation


  • Expensive
  • Parts can be difficult to find

Westinghouse 50 gallon Electric Water Heater

The Westinghouse is another exceptional option for those looking for a high-quality, durable, and affordable 52-gallon electric water heater.

It features a stainless steel water storage tank that reinforces the heater’s durability and eliminates the need for an anode rod to protect it from rust, odor, and corrosion.

The high efficiency water heater has an innovative design that makes it lightweight but very rigid. This design also allows easy installation and handling.

Even though the Westinghouse is compact enough for its size, it can still hold enough water for a small family of up to 5 people.

The heavy-duty insulation around the tank retains the heat inside the unit longer, resulting in more savings. The stainless steel electric heating elements have a low watt density, making them more resilient to corrosion and the effects of hard water.

Westinghouse 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater

The Westinghouse Electric water heater is ideal for small and large homes.


  • Warranty – Lifetime limited warranty
  • Energy Star Rating – Yes
  • Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) – 0.94
  • Recovery Rate – 20 GPH  at 90 Degree Rise
  • First Hour Rating (FHR) – 66 GPH


  • Efficient and Durable
  • High Quality Materials
  • No Need for Anode Rods
  • Lifetime (Limited) Warranty


  • Very Tall Unit

State HPX-50-DHPTN Premier Hybrid Electric Heat Pump

State remains one of the most preferred and reliable water heater providers in the market. They deliver excellent customer service as well as durable, high-quality products.

State Waters has a long-running history of making high-quality products that will go for years without significant maintenance. The HPX 50 is one of their most popular water heaters for average-sized homes.

Just like the Voltex heater, the premier hybrid also uses heat pump technology to maximize your savings.

The innovative design helps in improving efficiency. This increase is accomplished by ensuring that there is hot water available at the lowest possible cost.

The hybrid heater delivers hot water throughout and is ideal for a small family of up to 5 people. The durable heater comes with temperature control settings that are easy to understand and use, as well.

State 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater

The Premier Hybrid is designed to be not only efficient but also very environment-friendly. An average-sized family can take 3 to 4 showers back to back, at a fraction of the cost of a standard electric water heater.


  • Warranty – 10-year limited warranty and 10-year limited warranty for parts
  • Energy Star Rating – Yes
  • Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) – 3.45
  • Recovery Rate – 
  • First Hour Rating (FHR) – 66


  • Strong Brand and Warranty
  • Excellent Uniform Energy Factor Rating
  • Easy to use Temperature Control Settings
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Very Efficient


  • Appearance is one to be desired

Factors to Consider when buying a 50 Gallon Electric water heater

Here are some of the crucial factors you should consider before settling on a specific electric water heater for your home

Energy Efficiency

When buying an electronic product, its energy efficiency should be one of the most important factors to consider. If you don’t want your electricity bill to shoot out the roof, you will have to find an efficient one.

The electricity consumption of water heaters is determined by several factors. These are:

  • The volume of water that is used for every shower. The more water used for every hot shower, the more electricity consumed.
  • Another factor is the environment you live in. If you live in colder temperatures, you will need more heating compared to a person living in warmer areas.

Uniform Energy Factor (UEF)

UEF is a metric used to measure the energy efficiency of a water heater. It is usually determined by the estimated usage of a water heater. A higher energy factor is usually recommended when picking out a water heater for your home. Most electric heaters range between 0.75 and 0.95.

It is, however, essential to establish that higher energy factor values do not always translate to lower operating costs, as it varies between different fuel sources.


Another vital aspect to consider when picking out an electric water heater for your home is the capacity. Some people will opt for a smaller tankless water heater that is more compact and efficient but rather expensive when compared to a storage water heater.

However, unless you are willing to spend on a tankless unit for every bathroom, these heaters cannot supply hot water to the entire house, especially if several people are using it. This list features 50-gallon capacity electric water heaters that are compact enough for a small home and large enough to serve a household of 4 to 5 people.

First Hour Rating (FHR)

The first-hour rating determines the performance abilities of a water heater within the first hour of use when recovered to the thermostat setting. To calculate the FHR, you multiply your tank’s capacity by 70% and add the recovery rate, which is how quickly lost water going out of the tank is replaced. The 70% usually accounts for the heat loss caused by cold water entering the tank.

Space Requirements

When choosing an electric water heater, you want to find one that will perfectly fit into your home without having to make any costly build changes. Electric water heaters are more compact than other heaters. This size makes them ideal for people with limited space in their homes.

Ease of Installation

Usually, installing a water heater is a simple task. It can be accomplished by any enthusiastic person interested in DIY projects. However, it is always recommendable to have or get someone with basic plumbing and electrical knowledge. If you are uncertain about how everything works, you should get a professional to help you with installation to avoid any unnecessary mishaps.

Safety Features

Water heaters tend to be safe for use. However, you must be fully aware of all the risks they pose and the safety features of the storage water heater. Ensure that your water heater has a safety valve that can be opened to relieve pressure if the temperature or pressure gets too high. This clever feature

prevents the heater from blowing up if anything goes wrong.

Warranty & After Sales Service

When picking out an electric water heater for your home, it is always recommended to go with the renowned brand name with a reputation of offering high-quality products and after-sales services. Some reputed brands offer installation, after-sale services, and warranties on both the tank and parts. This will give you peace of mind, and save you a lot of trouble and money.

Pros & Cons of Electric Water Heaters

There are several reasons why you should consider an electric water heater for your home over a gas water heater. Let’s look at some reasons why you should opt for an electric water heater for your home.


Lower initial costs

Electric water heaters tend to be more affordable than any other of their counterparts available in the market today. The cost of installation is one of the most essential factors determining how much you will have to pay for the water heater upfront.

Gas heaters usually require additional piping and ventilation system for the exhaust generated during combustion. On the other hand, electric heaters do not require any additional infrastructure for installation.

Easy & convenient to use

Electric water heaters are easy to operate, and in most cases, it just involves flicking a switch. Since they run on electricity alone, you will never have to worry about late gas deliveries ever again.

Most heaters will feature a large display with a temperature control system that helps you keep the temperature in check and adjust it with ease when necessary. Other brand names will even let you set the maximum and minimum temperature as well.

Compact size

Electric water heaters come with beautiful advanced designs that are much more compact than other heating systems, making them a favorite for many homeowners across the country.


More expensive in the long run

Although electricity water heaters are cheap to acquire, they tend to be much more costly in the long run than many of their counterparts. This is due to the simple fact that electricity is more expensive than other fuels. Heat pumps and solar pumps are the most effective solutions for home water heating.

Power Shortages

This might not be a significant point of concern, but it is still worthwhile to consider every little thing while at it. In case of a power outage, you will not have access to hot water until the power comes back on.


50-gallon water heaters are ideal for an average-sized family of four or five people. However, it takes much more than size to pick out the correct unit for your home. It is essential to establish how much hot water your home requires.

Our buying guide will help you decide what your home needs and match its heaters FHR. It is also important to keep in mind whether you want a fully electric water heater or a heat pump-powered one. This will help you pick out the best 50 gallon electric water heater for you and your needs.

The H2Home Lab team is dedicated to helping you find the best solutions to your specific water needs, as well as provide troubleshooting tips and guides for water filtration, heating, softening and plumbing. We hope you will find the info you need on our site from any one of our buying guides or subject matter articles.