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Best Alkaline Water Pitcher

Everyone knows that they should be drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and enhance the natural processes of different body systems. However, not all American homes have the luxury to drink directly from the tap due to heavy pollution experienced in municipal supplies. Pollutants will likely alter the PH, taste, and odor of your drinking water. Prevalent contaminants you’re probably dealing with in the city include sediments, chlorine, chloramines, fluorides, organic pollutants, and even heavy metals from mushrooming industries. 

We understand how frustrating it can be if your family can’t access safe, ready-to-drink water throughout the year. We reviewed seven products and found EHM Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher to be the best overall, followed by Invigorated pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher as the best runner-up product. 

It takes us about a day to review a single product, testing its pH ranges and multiple applications. We get direct recommendations and references from industry experts before shortlisting the models that feature in this buying guide. Our other sources of information on particular products include long-term users who installed them a couple of years ago. Briefly, you’re looking at a trusted buying review that will point you to the best alkaline water pitcher for your situation. 

Our best overall product is ideal if you want to experience unmatched quality and performance. It purifies your water in seven stages to eliminate funny taste and odor. It also gives you higher pH ranges of up to 10.0. The best runner-up product is a viable option if you want to reduce TDS levels in your drinking water. Other products in our list include the best test kit, the best USA product, the best compact design, the best quality, and the best budget.

Best Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers

  1. EHM Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher– Best Overall
  2. Invigorated pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher– Best Runner-Up
  3. All Prime 2.5 Liter Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher– Best Test Kit
  4. Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher– Best USA product
  5. WAMERY Slim Water Filter Pitcher– Best Compact Design
  6. Alkanatur Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher– Best Quality
  7. Lake Industries 7000 Alkaline Water Pitcher– Best Budget

Best Alkaline Water Pitcher Reviews 

1. EHM Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

EHM Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher is the best product overall. It is a 2020 model featuring the latest technology that guarantees unparalleled quality consistency.

This alkaline water pitcher is a go-to option for any homeowner who wants to save energy costs. It leverages lithium-ion batteries as a source of power instead of electricity. This feature also guarantees improved safety for all its users.

The pitcher has a convenient shape that perfectly fits in a refrigerator. That means zero installation and replacement labor costs as it is a simple DIY job. The 3.5-liter pitches feature filtration media that purify up to two liters of tap water per day. The manufacturer notes that you’ll need to replace them after a month or two.

EHM Ultra Best Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

You’re looking at a system that will greatly redefine drinking patterns in your household. The micro-clustering purification technology reduces the size of water molecules. This gives you alkaline, easily absorbable drinking water that hydrates you faster than regular tap water. You get to enjoy fully alkaline, ionized water rich in powerful antioxidants to boost the immune system and energy levels.

The system features composite 6-stage filtration cartridges that remove chlorine, heavy metals, and 100 other contaminants to improve taste and odor. The antioxidants guarantee a low ORP range of -100 to -200 mv. The mineral balls reintroduce the minerals lost during filtration stages, such as calcium and magnesium. The quality of water that this machine gives is similar to that of your favorite water bottle.


  • pH range – 8.0 to 10.0
  • Filtration Type – A carbon block
  • Filter Life (Replacement) – Two months
  • Capacity – 3.5 liter pitchers
  • Certifications – NSF/ ANSI listed


  • Relatively affordable price tag
  • Six purification stages
  • Premium quality for durability


  • It doesn’t trap pathogenic bacteria
  • Difficult fitting

2. Invigorated pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher

You can buy our best runner-up water pitcher if you want to experience higher pH levels of up to 12.1. It can prove challenging getting used to drinking water with such high alkalinity. The manufacturer recommends starting with a cup a day before upgrading to two cups. You can also take breaks in between the week to ensure the body’s pH levels remain optimal.

Forget about water pitchers that limit you from enjoying the full-spectrum benefits of tap water. This system has remineralization capabilities to replace the minerals lost in the multiple filtration stages. These naturally occurring minerals include magnesium, iron, calcium, selenium, zinc, lithium, and iodine trace elements. At the same time, the system traps heavy metals, excess fluoride, chloramines, and chlorine.

Best Alkaline Water Pitcher

This water pitcher is ideal for homeowners living in areas that experience heavy sand and dust pollution. It has a dedicated sediment filter to trap large particles. Most importantly, it features high-quality hardware crafted from sturdy materials. It will likely last long enough to give back your money’s value. At the end of its lifespan, you can return it to the manufacturer for recycling.

Your family will likely experience improved hydration if you install this water pitcher in your kitchen. Besides guaranteeing negative ORP water with neutralizing radicals, it breaks down the water molecules into easily absorbable structure patterns. This water hydrates the cells quicker than unfiltered tap water.


  • pH range – 8.1 to 12.1
  • Filtration Type – Carbon block cartridges
  • Filter Life (Replacement) – Two to three months
  • Capacity – 96 gallons
  • Certifications – NSF/ ANSI certified


  • Zero TDS levels
  • Higher pH levels of up to 12.1
  • Improves water taste and smell


  • Unclear warranty terms
  • Ideal for a small household

3. All Prime 2.5 Liter Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

You can buy this All Prime 2.5 Liter Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher if you want to taste the conditions of your drinking water. The packaging comes with at least 20 3-in-1 strips for testing the alkalinity and hardness of your filtered water. You can also test the water before filtration to determine the level of contamination. High acidic and hardness levels signal heavy pollution.

We love the remineralization capabilities of this water pitcher system. It had far-infrared ceramic mineral balls that reintroduced more than 20 essential minerals lost in the three filtration stages. That means your family gets to enjoy all the health benefits of naturally occurring mineral traces in water. However, it is ideal for small households of at most three people only.

Best Alkaline Water Pitcher

The ion exchange resin balances the already occurring minerals such as calcium and magnesium while also removing hazardous metal ions such as copper. The outer filter gaze features a small micron-rated medium to trap sediments and large particles. You’ll enjoy improved taste and smell, thanks to the activated carbon filter that reduces chlorine concentration.

The manufacturer includes two replacement filters in the packaging. That looks like you’ll experience six months of hassle-free maintenance because the filtration medium requires a replacement after three months of use. Most importantly, this product is 100% BPA-free, hence certified safe for children and babies.


  • pH range – 8 to 10
  • Filtration Type – Alkaline
  • Filter Life (Replacement) – Three months
  • Capacity – 2.5 liters
  • Certifications


  • It comes with alkalinity testing stripes
  • High pH levels of up to 10.0
  • 100% safe for children and babies


  • Ideal for small households
  • It may leach after a month’s use

4. Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher makes the best product manufactured in the USA, with innovative filtration technology. It comes in blue and white colors to give you a variety, unlike other brands that come in one finishing option. Besides, the white and blue color options are relatively neutral to match any interior décor, whether in the kitchen or office space.

Even though this product is expensive to maintain, it comes at a relatively affordable price tag for its performance and specifications. The filtration media gives you up to 100 gallons of ready-to-drink alkaline water before a replacement. You can also change the filter after two months, depending on the frequency of use or pollutants removed.

Best Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

The system decreases 12-molecule water micro clusters down to four or six. Thus, you get to drink healthy water that hydrates quicker than standard water. The alkaline water helps flush out toxins from your body for general well-being. Your family will end up with improved energy levels and reversed aging signs, thanks to the antioxidants.

This water pitcher is a go-to product for homeowners who want to reduce organic contamination in their drinking water. It traps and removes more than 220 prevalent pollutants such as arsenic, lead, and mercury. You’ll also enjoy better-tasting water due to reduced fluorides, chromium, asbestos, and aluminum contamination.


  • pH range – Up to 9.5
  • Filtration Type – Lead and mercury reduction
  • Filter Life (Replacement) – Two months
  • Capacity – 100 gallons
  • Certifications – ISO 14000 certified


  • It reduces heavy metals
  • High-quality for longevity
  • Made in the USA


  • Costly maintenance
  • Less ergonomic

5. WAMERY Slim Water Filter Pitcher

WAMERY Slim Water Filter Pitcher has a compact design that fits your kitchen space without disrupting the original organization. This system has a relatively affordable price tag but still gives all the filtration benefits that a high-quality water pitcher does.

Moreover, it comes with the first set of replacement filters at zero additional costs. It also ships free to all buyers within the USA.

This water pitcher features NSF/ANSI 42 certification for aesthetic reduction. It improves taste and odor to enhance healthy drinking patterns.

The installation process is pretty fast, thanks to the tight fit. It attaches to any refrigerator with zero leakages.

Best Alkaline Water Pitcher

The portable jug has an easy-to-pour spout and BPF-free construction material for hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.

You’re looking at a product that brings multiple health benefits into your home. Besides hydrating your family for healthy skin and eye health, the manufacturer notes that it also improves the immune, respiratory, digestive, and circulatory systems. It gives pure water with high antioxidants to repair worn-out tissues and cells.

This system comes with a one-year limited warranty on manufacturer defects, profit-free parts, and free service labor within the period. You can also request the manufacturer to send it with a gift wrap. Most importantly, it has a guaranteed return policy.


  • pH range – 8.5 to 9.5
  • Filtration Type – Coconut shell charcoal
  • Filter Life (Replacement) – Two months
  • Capacity – 42 gallons
  • Certifications – NSF/ANSI 42 certified


  • NSF/ ANDI standards 42, 53, and 372
  • Improves metabolism and weight loss
  • The best compact design


  • Questionable durability
  • High TDS levels

6. Alkanatur Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Alkanatur Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher is the best quality option, thanks to its construction material, recently certified as the most BPA-free in the market. It comes in a beautiful turquoise finishing that quickly blends into any interior décor without causing a distraction. Its compact design means that you can install it without clearing the side spaces.

The manufacturer gives good after-sale services in terms of accessories contained in the package. Every successful purchase of this water pitcher comes with a BPA-free water bottle to use in the gym or office. You also get strips to measure your body’s pH and drops to measure the pH of filtered. Thus, you always get to know what you’re dealing with.

Best Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

This water pitcher generates antioxidants to boost the immune system and exercise recovery. Taking one or two glasses of this pitcher’s filtered water will leave you feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated than ever. The capacity to maintain an antioxidant system (CAM) targets all the body areas affected by free radicals for a healthier well-being.

The pitcher leverages activated coconut charcoal to remove up to 99.99% of chlorine and fluoride contaminants. The coconut shell has smaller pores to increase the filtration surface area. A large filtration surface area translates to more contact time for ultrafiltration. You’ll replace the filters after about a month or 400 liters of use, whichever comes first.


  • pH range – 8.5 to 9.5
  • Filtration Type – Alkaline, ion exchange
  • Filter Life (Replacement) – 400 liters
  • Capacity – 2.5 liters
  • Certifications – European Union products


  • Certified by European Union products
  • 400-liter filter life
  • The best BPA-free material


  • It is relatively costly
  • It doesn’t lower TDS levels

7. Lake Industries 7000 Alkaline Water Pitcher

Lastly, Lake Industries 7000 Alkaline Water Pitcher is the best budget product in this review list. This alkaline water pitcher gives you all the filtration benefits of a high-quality product without breaking the bank. Moreover, it comes with extra filtration cartridges. In other models, you might need to purchase the cartridges separately. Thus, you get to save twice in the initial cost.

 You’re looking at an eco-friendly product that reduces your carbon footprint. Besides the low emissions, you’ll enjoy a premium, BPA-free construction material that is safe for filtration use. The plastic material is strong and rigid to resist cracks and peels.

This feature guarantees zero bacteria growth and longevity. Most importantly, the construction material is recyclable, and the system will unlikely end up in landfills even after exhausting its lifespan.

Best Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

The filtration media also have a pretty prolonged lifespan. You’ll change them after two months or 40 gallons, whichever comes first. You could also change the filter sooner, say after a month and a half, if you experience decreased flow rates. Heavily polluted water could mean more contaminants accumulating around the filter, which can cause a partial blockage.

This alkaline water pitcher purifies your water in seven filtration stages, with large surface area filtration media to increase contact time and efficiency. The filtration media include an exchange resin, tourmaline, mineral balls, and a carbon block. It also comes with a highly ergonomic handle for hassle-free operations.


  • pH range – 7.8 to 12.1
  • Filtration Type – Chlorine and heavy metals removal
  • Filter Life (Replacement) – Two months
  • Capacity – 40 gallons
  • Certifications – NSF/ANSI certified


  • A higher pH range for alkaline water
  • Improved hydration with micro-clustered molecules
  • Unique, high-quality design


  • It doesn’t filter organic contaminants
  • Not ideal for big households

What is an Alkaline Water Pitcher?

An alkaline water pitcher is a purification system that improves the quality, taste, and odor of your drinking water by trapping and removing nearly all tap water contaminants. These systems are different from standard water filters because they help raise the pH to a higher level of 9.5. Some alkaline water pitchers from reputable brands will also remove Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

How Does an Alkaline Water Pitcher Work?

A high-quality alkaline water pitcher will purify your drinking water in two ways; even though some have up to seven filtration stages, water flows into the system and comes into contact with active carbon filters to trap and remove excess chlorine. The purified water then flows through an alkaline filter pitcher that introduces alkaline mineral hydrates. Lastly, your water flows through mineral balls to replace the minerals lost in the previous filtration stages.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Even though the pros of alkaline water are highly controversial, there is no regulatory body that detests the potential health benefits it can bring to your family. In that case, you may also do extensive research to see how your family gains from an alkaline water pitcher. Here are the known benefits:

  1. You can mitigate the symptoms of acid reflux by drinking alkaline water with a pH of about 8.8 to 9.5.
  2. You might experience an improved immune system by drinking alkaline water, thanks to the high concentration of liquid antioxidants.
  3. Alkaline water will likely improve your skin health and quality. An alkaline water pitcher breaks water into readily absorbable molecules for improved hydration.
  4. You might have better experiences at the gym due to increased exercise recovery. That also means that you’ll likely experience increased energy levels.

What Should You Consider When Buying an Alkaline Water pitcher?


You would want an alkaline water pitcher with a specific filtration target. Tap water contains more than 100 pollutants, but some areas may experience a particular contaminant at dangerous levels. In that case, targeting that pollutant will guarantee safe drinking water. Target pollutants may include TDS, organic contaminants, chlorine, and fluoride.

Reliable Customer Support

Even though these systems are relatively easy to install and maintain, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need technical support from the manufacturer. You don’t know when you can wake up to a malfunctioned alkaline water pitcher when it’s barely two months into use. Watch out for manufacturers who offer up to a lifetime technical support to their registered customers.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Alkaline Water Pitcher

pH Range

A product that gives you low pH levels of 0.8 and below is not an alkaline water pitcher. A high-quality system should give you relatively high pH ranges of up to 10.5 or 12.1. However, kindly note that drinking too much alkaline water might take a toll on your health. The body must be at an optimum pH level for homeostatic processes.

Filter Indicator

Most filtration media have longevity of two, three, six, or even 12 months. However, the true lifespan depends on the frequency of use and level of the trapped contaminants. Thus, the lifespan may be shorter than you expect. 

Watch out for the best alkaline water pitcher that comes with a filter life indicator. This feature eliminates the guesswork surrounding replacement. Remember, drinking from an expired filtration medium isn’t different when you drink directly from the tap without filtration.

Filter indicators will give a green light when the filtration medium is optimal and a red or orange flashing light to signal a replacement.


There is no “suitable price” for the best alkaline water filter. Every price tag represents the product’s performance, quality, and durability. In that case, expect to pay more for a long-lasting alkaline water pitcher. Even so, kindly note that not all expensive price tags represent quality. Watch out for models with the highest positive customer reviews.

Filter Process

The standard filtration process should happen in at least three purification stages. A system that offers that is likely of subpar quality and won’t give you the best experience: the first purification stage filters sediments and large particles. Then, water proceeds to an activated carbon filter for chlorine removal. The third stage should include an alkaline pitcher filter to raise the pH levels. Some systems will reintroduce the minerals lost during filtration at the last step.

Filter Lifespan (Replacement)

A filter’s lifespan determines whether the maintenance costs will put a dent in your pocket. A short lifespan, of say, a month, translates to more than ten replacements in a year, which can be pretty expensive. Moreover, such a filter is likely inefficient and might not contain heavy pollution.

Watch out for brands whose filters have prolonged lifespans to save you from incurring unnecessarily costly maintenance costs.


The warranty protects the consumer against quality defects. For instance, you can order an alkaline water pitcher from an online store, and the supplier ships a different model with specifications that don’t match your filtration needs.

The manufacturer can also deliver a model that has specification and quality inconsistencies right from the manufacturing line. In that case, the warranty will shield you from counting the losses.


What are the construction materials of a particular product? You would want a water pitcher that features 100% safe hardware construction to give your kids a better experience. Since most water pitchers feature plastic material, it will help if you opt for a BPA-free option.

Besides being safe for human use, BPA-free plastic is easily recyclable. Thus, you get to limit the chances of the system ending up in the landfills after exhausting its lifespan. You also get to promote a greener world to reverse the effects of climate change.

BPA-free composition doesn’t corrode due to chemical processes. Remember, these systems leverage electrolysis to ionize your water and increase the pH levels. A low-quality composition will introduce secondary pollution to your water.

Design/ Style/ Size

A product’s design determines whether you’ll have an easy time during installation. It also determines whether you’ll have a good experience throughout using the water pitcher. Going for a compact design means maximizing your kitchen space without interfering with the current organization. You’d also want a highly portable water pitcher model that can alternate applications between the kitchen and the office.

As for style, choose a model with high-quality finishing that complements your interior décor. While most brands have limited color options, some manufacture models with up to three finishing options. If you’re into aesthetic appeal, such a brand sounds like your go-to option.

The Bottom Line

The best alkaline water pitcher will redefine drinking habits and patterns across the whole household. These systems are a go-to option if you find whole house water filters to be relatively costly. You can also opt for a high-quality water pitcher in place of an entire house water filter if you want to test alkalinity or hardness (though a few models offer this feature). 

Each product reviewed in this buying guide is unique in many ways. A system that functions optimally in a small household of two people may not work the same way in a big home of up to five people. Thus, watch out for alkaline water pitchers that match your purification needs and aesthetic preferences. You can click the link on individual products to see the latest prices and purchase directly from Amazon.

The H2Home Lab team is dedicated to helping you find the best solutions to your specific water needs, as well as provide troubleshooting tips and guides for water filtration, heating, softening and plumbing. We hope you will find the info you need on our site from any one of our buying guides or subject matter articles.