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Drinking ionized water has many health benefits that regular tap water cannot offer. For instance, ionized water is rich in solvent antioxidants that enhance injury and exercise recovery. Alkaline water has a relatively higher pH that helps regulate the acidic body environment for optimum homeostasis process. Generally, drinking from alkaline water promotes general well-being, and your family will likely develop healthy drinking habits. Moreover, the best water ionizer will also remove common city water toxins to keep waterborne diseases at bay. 

We reviewed six home-use machines and found Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Aqua-Ionizer Pro Alkaline Water Ionization Machine to be the best product overall. This water ionizer has up to 98% efficiency in removing contaminants. It also gives you three outlets; alkaline and pure water for drinking and acidic water for sanitization. 

Our products are direct recommendations from industry experts and homeowners who installed these machines at least five years ago. That way, we get access to first-hand experience on owning a specific water ionizer for long-term use. We also test all the products to gauge their efficiency and installation process. We spent over 24 hours in each product counterchecking the manufacturer’s claims, specifications, and any other information against the actual performance. 

Overall, our top-ranking product makes a good option if you want the best water ionizer with unparalleled performance and longevity. You can also buy the best runner-up product if you want customizable pH options or a relatively affordable machine. Other water ionizing machines in our review list include the best efficiency, the best warranty, the best budget, and the best durable. 

Read on to learn more about our product mini-reviews, buying considerations, and where to purchase the best water ionizer machine.

Best Water Ionizer Products

  1. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Aqua-Ionizer Pro Alkaline Water Ionization Machine– Best Overall
  2. IntelGadgets IONtech IT-757 Advanced Alkaline Water Ionization Machine– Best Runner-Up
  3. Tyent Undercounter 11-Plate Turbo Extreme Water Ionizer– Best Efficiency
  4. Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine– Best Warranty
  5. Cosan Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine– Best Budget
  6. Tyent Edge 2021 Model 9 Plate Above-Counter Ionizer– Best Durable

Best Water Ionizer Reviews 

1. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Aqua-Ionizer Pro Alkaline Water Ionization Machine

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Aqua-Ionizer Pro Alkaline Water Ionization Machine is the best product overall in our review list, thanks to its innovative reverse osmosis technology that removes other prevalent city water contaminants besides ionizing your water. For instance, we noticed this water ionization machine could remove up to 98% of lead, mercury, barium, and phosphate. It also removes up to 92% of cyanide, fluoride, and chloride.

You’ll drink alkaline water of 3.0 to 11.0 pH after passing your tap water through this machine. The produced water has the potential of reversing aging effects and introducing antioxidants to the body. This system’s oxidation-reduction potential is about -890 to +1000 ORP. Besides the FDA approval, this system has ETL and RoHS certifications.

Aqua Ionizer Water ionizer Review

The system will ionize about 4,000 liters of tap water before you need a replacement. Even so, the replacement period may vary for some home users, depending on contaminant concentration in their tap water. Enjoy up to seven water settings for cooking, cosmetic, and household cleaning. Other settings include coffee brewing and initial drinking.

This water ionization is easy to use and set up (we spent about 15 minutes). The auto cleaning properties ensure zero-scale buildup to enhance the lifespan of the system’s components. Moreover, it features multilayer, platinum-coated plates for longevity.


  • Warranty – Limited warranty
  • Filtration Type – Reverse Osmosis (RO) system
  • Filter Life (Till replacement) – 4,000 liters
  • Number of Plates – Seven
  • Capacity – 4,000 liters
  • Certifications – ETL Listed, RoHS certified
  • Power Supply – 110 volts


  • Countertop and under the counter applications
  • Easy installation process
  • It raises water’s pH by 3.0


  • You’ll need a Lithium battery
  • It doesn’t improve the taste

2. IntelGadgets IONtech IT-757 Advanced Alkaline Water Ionization Machine

IntelGadgets IONtech IT-757 Advanced Alkaline Water Ionization Machine makes the best runner-up product in our review list, thanks to its aesthetically appealing design. This model is available in up to eight colors: blue, silver, purple, white, green, grey, red, and steel. Thus, you won’t lack an option that complements your kitchen décor.

The installation process is relatively fast; you mount it on a surface. It saves you money as you don’t need to hire a professional plumber. This water ionization machine comes with an intuitive LCD screen for monitoring filtration stages and respective pH levels. The screen also displays the system’s information, such as ORP and filter life.

IntelGadgets IONtech IT-757 Water Ionizer Review

You’re looking at a water ionization machine that ensures you can access ready-to-drink water for up to six months before replacing the filter. It comes with a safety setting that switches to pure water to prevent accidental consumption of untreated water. Thus, you get pure water ideal for cooking, washing stubborn stains, and sanitizing.

You’ll enjoy alkaline water filtered through electrolysis, thanks to the platinum titanium plates that guarantee efficiency. These plates are high-tech to enhance their longevity. The electrolysis reaction happens in three stages, with multiple pH adjustment options to suit your preferences.


  • Warranty – Limited warranty
  • Filtration Type – Electrolysis
  • Filter Life (Till replacement) – Six months
  • Number of Plates – 2
  • Capacity – Six months
  • Certifications – RoHS certified
  • Power Supply – AC, 110 volts


  • Customizable pH option
  • Self-cleaning device
  • Relatively affordable price tag


  • Countertop applications only
  • A limited power supply of 110 volts

3. Tyent Undercounter 11-Plate Turbo Extreme Water Ionizer

If you’re after efficiency and don’t mind paying a few extra bucks for that, Tyent Undercounter 11-Plate Turbo Extreme Water Ionizer sounds like the best option. It has seven plates that ensure maximum efficiency during electrolysis to remove acidic ions from your drinking water. The plates featured medical-grade, strengthened alloy dipped in titanium for longevity. Thus, you get a system that lasts for years to give back your money value.

This product comes with an advanced touchscreen display that enhances your experience with different customizable options. For instance, some of the settings included in the touchscreen display are 1-turbo, 4-alkaline, and 3-acidic, which work for both alkaline and acidic outputs. Moreover, each level has up to 99 presets for multiple functions.

Tyrent Water Ionizer Review

This water ionization machine is ideal for homeowners who want negative ORP levels of up to -1050 in their drinking water. The alkaline water that flows out of the system will have a pH of about 1.2 to 12.0. Attaining these values is possible thanks to the blended solid/mesh hybrid technology that increases the surface area for electrolysis.

The system is easy to maintain; it has a self-cleaning device to prevent scale buildup, rusting and corrosion. However, you’ll need to pay a professional plumber as the installation process is pretty tricky. The filtration medium is not that durable. Thus, you’ll need to replace it after six months.


  • Warranty – Limited warranty
  • Filtration Type – Ultra-filtration
  • Filter Life (Till replacement) – Six months
  • Number of Plates – 11
  • Capacity – Six months
  • Certifications – RoHS certified
  • Power Supply – 10 Amps


  • 11 plates for electrical conductivity efficiency
  • Compact design for a small space
  • Touchscreen monitor display


  • It is relatively expensive
  • Difficult to install

4. Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine makes the best bet if you want a high-quality product that doesn’t fail a few months into use. It comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty that includes technical support and profit-free parts. Moreover, you get to enjoy alkaline water for drinking and acidic water for sanitization for up to a year before replacing the filter medium.

Bawell sets high filtration standards for water ionization machines. This model has two internal filters that remove contaminants from your drinking water in two stages. Even though each medium has a lifespan of about a year, you’ll replace them at the same time. You also get a voice prompt from the system if your filtration media are about to expire.

Platinum Water Ionizer Review

This water ionizer machine comes with a color-coded display for an intuitive experience. The display goes off when on idle mode to conserve energy. Some of the information displayed on the color-coded panel include pH value, ORP value, filters one and two life in liters, purified water level, alkaline water level, and acidic water level.

The fastest installation process will be when you connect this machine directly to the cold water line beneath your sink. However, you need to place it on top of a counter. The installation process took our technicians five minutes, but it will take you about 15.


  • Warranty – Lifetime warranty
  • Filtration Type – 5 stage filtration
  • Filter Life (Till replacement) – One year
  • Number of Plates – 2
  • Capacity – 1320 gallons
  • Certifications – ANSI listed
  • Power Supply – 110 volts


  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Eight filter settings
  • Intuitive display screen


  • It requires a big space
  • Unsteady flow rates

5. Cosan Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine

Cosan Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine makes the best budget product on our list for a machine that guarantees alkaline, acidic, and pure water free of 220 prevalent city water contaminants. Using this product is pretty simple and less costly compared to the other models in our review list. You’ll need 4 AA batteries instead of an electrical power supply.

The main application for this water ionization system is over the counter. Even so, you can still use it for under-sink applications, thanks to the quick-connect ports that allow fast installation. It takes about 15 minutes. The packaged items include a DVD user manual that comes in handy if you experience difficulties during the installation.

Pure Hydration Water Ionizer Review

This product comes with a divert valve and optional installation faucets. The shift valve is free with every purchase, but you may have to buy the installation faucets. That means you’ll likely spend more than on models that come with installation faucets. If you’re buying the kit for the under-counter application, it helps if you purchase the optional brushed nickel or chrome faucet. The optional cold water faucet is ideal for countertop applications.

This water ionizer machine is of high quality and has all its parts manufactured and assembled in the USA. It comes with a limited warranty on parts and labor. You’ll replace the filter medium after six months to guarantee efficiency in the filtration process. Most importantly, it gives you all the thousands of benefits associated with alkaline water without breaking the bank.


  • Warranty – Limited warranty
  • Filtration Type – Alkaline Ultra-filtration
  • Filter Life (Till replacement) – Six months
  • Number of Plates – 2
  • Capacity – Six months
  • Certifications – NSF/ANSI listed
  • Power Supply – 4 AA batteries


  • It removed 220 water contaminants
  • Simple installation DVD video
  • It is relatively affordable


  • You’ll need 4 AA batteries
  • It may not last for long

6. Tyent Edge 2021 Model 9 Plate Above-Counter Ionizer

Tyent Edge 2021 Model 9 Plate Above-Counter Ionizer makes the best durable product on our review list. It features the latest industrial-grade construction materials, all sourced in 2021. The manufacturer notes that the technology used in the Edge 2021 model is more advanced than the one in previous models. Thus, you get a water ionizer machine built to last longer in any modern household setting.

Every purchase includes a 75-day trial plan. You’ll get unlimited technical support during this period, including service or upgrades, depending on the machine’s quality. You can also return the device for replacement if the quality inconsistencies are overwhelming. All the services have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, backed by a lifetime warranty.

Tyent Edge Water Ionizer Review

The latest model’s design is pretty compact and will fit in your kitchen countertop without consuming much space. Moreover, it has a luxurious finishing with aesthetically pleasing round ages. It adds beauty to your kitchen décor without causing a distraction. The stunning color touchscreen is easy to use and displays all the information you want to know about a working water ionizer machine.

Besides low emissions, this water ionizer has a JOG Dial for an enhanced experience. This setting ensures that you drink the exact quantity and level of water in terms of amount (in liters) and pH. There is no guesswork about what’s going into your body system.


  • Warranty – Lifetime warranty
  • Filtration Type – Carbon block filtration
  • Filter Life (Till replacement)
  • Number of Plates – 9 plates
  • Capacity – N/A
  • Certifications – ANSI certified
  • Power Supply – 120 volts/ 220 volts


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ongoing technical support
  • JOG Dial function for convenience


  • It is relatively costly
  • Not ideal for under-sink applications

What is a Water Ionizer?

Most people refer to a water ionizer as an alkaline ionizer. It is a home-based appliance that raises the pH of drinking water through ionization or electrolysis reaction. Once you pass a water stream into the ionizing machine, it separates into alkaline and acidic components.

Water ionizers became popular in the East Asian countries and Japan before making their way into the USA market. The water with alkaline components is what you get for drinking. The benefits of drinking alkaline water equate to feeding on alkaline diets.

How Does Water Ionizer Work?

A water ionizer leverages electromagnetism to separate acidic carbonate and alkaline minerals in the water. Water ionization systems work in the following process:

• Water passes through electromagnetically charged plates separated by an ion-permeable membrane. The semipermeable membrane allows charged ions (atoms and molecules) to pass through while blocking the neutral atoms.

• The negatively charged electromagnetic iron attracts the positively charged alkaline minerals while the positively charged plate attracts the acidic carbonate particles.

• The two components separate into different chambers, with the alkaline side having a higher pH and antioxidant properties while the acid side a lower pH and oxidative properties. The ions present in the alkaline side are calcium, magnesium, and potassium, while the acidic side is rich in chlorine, sulfur, and fluoride.

• The separated ions remain in the separate chambers to form acidic and alkaline water solutions before streaming out of the ionizer in different channels. You get to drink alkaline water and enjoy its health benefits.

The Effects of a Water Ionizer on Your Health and Home

The health claims about drinking alkaline water rely on the solution’s ability to raise your body’s pH. The human body comprises an acidic environment created by various reactions and processes in the cells. Since alkaline water has a relatively high pH of above 7.0, it will help in neutralizing the body pH for a balanced homeostatic process. 

Having a water ionizer in your home will likely bring the following health benefits:

  • Anti-aging properties through fluid antioxidants
  • Immune support for improved general health
  • Skin hydration
  • Detoxifying properties for skin health
  • Cancer resistance
  • Colon-cleansing properties

Difference Between Alkaline/Ionized and Regular Water

The main difference between alkaline and regular water is in their pH concentrations. As the name suggests, ordinary tap water has a neutral pH of about 7.0, while basic water has a pH of 8.0 or 9.0. Because of this pH difference, experts vouch for ionized water to be healthier for drinking than untreated tap water. 

However, drinking too much alkaline water may mean the body system is overworking to restore an optimal pH balance.

Buying Considerations When Purchasing the Best Water Ionizer For Your Needs

Number of Outlets

Some machines will separate the acidic and alkaline components, only to drain the acidic solution as waste. Acidic water has the best cleaning properties and will be helpful in sanitization. Moreover, drinking a lot of alkaline water can be detrimental to your health. 

It means the body may have to work harder to restore the optimal pH balance. Thus, go for a machine that has an outlet for pure water. You can drink from this faucet once in a while.

Filtration Target

Besides separating alkaline and acidic ions, you would also want a machine that gives you ready-to-drink water, free of contaminants. Most products come with filtration media that trap prevalent city water contaminants at the last purification stage. 

It will help if you ensure that these filter media target the pollutants in your area. It could be silt and sediments or even excess chloramines.

Factors to Have in Mind before Buying a Water Ionizer

Buying a water ionizer system for the first time can be a pretty daunting process. Many generic products in the market can get you confused on what to pick, even with expert recommendations from the best water ionizer reviews. Have these factors in mind when buying to get the most out of your ionizing water machine:

pH Range

Alkaline water should have a higher pH value of above 7.0. The highest the pH value, the more alkaline your water is. Most machines have a pH range of about 2.1 to 12.0. Even so, don’t go for a water ionizer that gives you a definite pH value. Watch out for models that come with intuitive customization options at the front display.

Number of Plates/ Types of Plate

You might want to consider the type or number of plates present in a system to gauge its efficiency and reliability in separating acid from alkaline ions in your drinking water. While most products have two or four plates, some models come with up to 11. 

The higher the number of plates, the more efficient the machine is. More plates provide a large surface area for electrolysis to increase the contact time for water. Besides a higher number of plates, you can also watch out for the construction material. A blend of solid and mesh titanium also provides a large surface area for electrolysis.

Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP)

The OFP level in your water may signal the pollutants present. A higher ORP means high oxygen concentration for bacteria action. Most of the contaminants in city water undergo chemical reactions, and excess oxygen concentration may be a catalyst. Thus, it helps if you get a water ionizer with safe oxygen reduction levels of up to +200.


Besides separating the alkaline and acidic ions, you’d also want a machine that gives pure water. That is why most of the products above have three outlets for acidic water, alkaline water, and purified water. Even so, the quality of the end product depends on the filter medium and filtration stages.

Going for a carbon block filter sounds like a good plan as it removes up to 220 prevalent contaminants in city water. Moreover, most of the models containing this filter medium remove toxins in at least three stages to guarantee safe, ready to use water.

Ease of Installation

The installation process should be relatively easy to avoid spending more on a professional plumber. Moreover, a product with a complicated installation process is expensive to maintain in the long haul because you’ll need a professional plumber for every filter replacement. 

Installation work and tools will depend on your system’s applications. Countertop machines prove to be the quickest to install as you only need to place them on a flat surface. Under-counter and wall mounts can be relatively tricky to install, especially if you’re a first-time buyer/user.

In that case, opt for a model that comes with an easy-to-understand installation guide. The instructions can be in video or text form. Just ensure that it comes in your language for a quick setup.


The worst experience any homeowner can ever go through is buying a home appliance that doesn’t come with clear warranty information. Warranty terms cushion the buyer from quality defects that may downplay the product’s lifespan. 

Quality issues can originate from the manufacturing or supplying lines. Most manufacturers will give you a limited warranty on parts and free labor for up to a year. However, a lifetime warranty sounds like the best plan if you don’t want to call a technician to check your water ionizer system every month. 

Water ionizing machines with a lifetime have guaranteed longevity and durability.

Power Supply

Electrolysis depends on electric current for efficiency. The higher the power supply, the more likely you’ll enjoy ionized water benefits. Even so, more power in your system could mean possible overheating, which can affect the lifespan of the components. 

You would want a machine that allows a relatively high power supply of up to 110 volts or 220 volts. Also, note that maintaining a battery-powered device is relatively more expensive than a plug-in model.


Lastly, you would want to consider the machine’s efficiency. A product’s efficiency cuts through all its features and applications. All the models from the brands featured in this review list are relatively efficient and will serve any homeowner well. 

However, it helps if you buy the latest models, designed and manufactured within the last two years. They often come with the newest technology and an intuitive control panel. You can adjust your settings to an exact amount of water dispensing or customized pH levels. A product that has a lifetime warranty also signals efficiency.

Wrapping It Up

All the water ionizer systems in this review lust are pretty forthcoming with quality consistencies. You only need to set a reasonable budget, and you’re good to purchase a machine that matches your water ionization needs and aesthetic preferences. 

Remember, each product is unique. Thus, whatever works well for your neighbor may not be the right machine for your household. Leverage the factors on our buying guide section to buy a machine that guarantees your entire home is ready to drink water for hydrated skin and general wellbeing. Click on individual links to purchase any of these products directly from Amazon.

The H2Home Lab team is dedicated to helping you find the best solutions to your specific water needs, as well as provide troubleshooting tips and guides for water filtration, heating, softening and plumbing. We hope you will find the info you need on our site from any one of our buying guides or subject matter articles.