Best Water Softener for Well Water

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Best Water Softener for Well Water

Many Americans rely on hard water from private well sources for various house chores such as cleaning, washing, cooking, or even brewing coffee. While this water may have all the beneficial minerals for stronger teeth and bones, your appliances may consume more energy or get damaged due to scale buildup. You may also experience stains on glassware, utensils, tubs, sinks, and tiled floors.

In other words, hard water can be the reason why you spend a lot on repairs, maintenance, renovations, and new purchases. In that case, installing the best water softener for well water can be the right escape plan from these unnecessary expenditures. 

We tested and reviewed seven top-ranking water softeners for well water and found AFW Filters Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener Iron Filter to be the best product overall. iSpring RCC7 Drinking Filtration System and Ultimate Water Softener follow as the best runner-up system. The other water-softening systems on this buying review are also pretty forthcoming in quality and efficiency. 

We do extensive research that takes up to a whole day on individual products. This includes seeking direct recommendations and references from industry experts before shortlisting the systems for testing. We give you accurate information about the installation process, requirements, and whether you’ll plumber” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored”>need a professional plumber to get the job done. We also search the products on third-party databases to authenticate certifications. 

Overall, our best product is ideal if you want a salt-free water system with a simple DIY installation process. The best runner-up product is a go-to option for affordability and high performance. Other water softeners for well water on this buying review include the best money value product, the best UV system, the best budget, the best quality, and the best whole-house system.

Here are more details about the best water softener for well water that guarantees your money’s value, including how to purchase the system.

Best Water Softener for Well Water

  1. AFW Filters Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener Iron Filter– Best Overall
  2. iSpring RCC7 Drinking Filtration System and Ultimate Water Softener– Best Runner-Up
  3. Pentair WS48-56sxt 10 Fleck Water Softener– Best Money Value
  4. Aquasana EQ-WELL-UV-PRO-AST Whole House Well Water Softener Alternative– Best UV System
  5. DuraWater 80k-56sxt-10AL Water Softener– Best Budget
  6. Tier1 Whole House Essential Series Water Softener– Best Whole House

Best Water Softener for Well Water Reviews 

1. AFW Filters Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener Iron Filter

AFW Filters Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener Iron Filter is the best product overall on this buying guide. It comes with a 10-year limited warranty on tank medium and five years of profit-free parts.

It also comes in multiple color options, giving you a variety to choose the aesthetically appealing model. Even, so the tank comes in one size only.

Iron Pro Water Softener Review

This water-softening system features a digital 5600SXT metered control for efficiency and ease of use. You can measure water usage to keep track of your energy bills. You can also leverage the digital controls to customize capacity and flow rates. The knowledgeable customer support service is available 24/7 for technical assistance.

Installing this water-softening system in your home is pretty straightforward. The packaging includes all the components required for a quick setup, including a bypass valve and 1-inch male connections. The installation guideline is also available online on the official manufacturer website. The user manual also contains answers to some of the frequently asked questions about AFW Filters products.

Generally, you’re looking at a system designed for high iron removal to reduce stains in your home and prolong the lifespan of the appliances. This system lowers iron ions by up to 6-8 ppm range and manganese by up to 6 ppm. Besides removing water hardness by up to 75 GPG, it also filters sand and sediments.


  • Capacity – 3 to 6 bathrooms
  • Warranty – 10-year limited warranty
  • Type – Salt-free
  • Resin Type – Fine mesh
  • Resin Includes – Yes
  • GPI Rating – 64,0000


  • Salt-free water softener
  • Fleck 5600SXT digital control
  • Simple DIY installation


  • It doesn’t remove calcium and magnesium ions
  • Relatively costly

2. iSpring RCC7 Drinking Filtration System and Ultimate Water Softener

iSpring RCC7 Drinking Filtration System and Ultimate Water Softener is the best runner-up product on this buying review. This system leverages a 0.0001-micron rated RO membrane that removes up to 99.9% of impurities, including calcium and magnesium ions. The RO membrane features polyester support and a thick polyamide barrier to protect it against high pressure and mechanical wear.

All the components used to assemble this system have NSF/ANSI standard 58 certifications. Thus, it guarantees high performance to reflect the value of your investment.

iSPring RCC7 Water Softener Review

This system purifies your water in five filtration steps. All the filtration media apart from the RO membrane will require a replacement after six to 12 months. (2-3 years lifespan for the RO membrane)

The setup process is relatively easy as the packaging includes all the components required for a quick installation. The components include a ready-to-mount 3.2-gallon tank, house wrenches, feed water adapters, a drain saddle, and a water detector. However, our technicians noted that connecting the valves may require professional plumbing tools.

The iSpring RCC7 water softener makes a good point-of-use system in a family of up to two people. It gives you ready to use water for cooking, washing utensils, drinking, and watering the backyard garden. Moreover, the beautiful European design will add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.


  • Capacity – 3.2 gallon pressurized tank
  • Warranty – One year manufacturer warranty
  • Type – Reverse osmosis system
  • Resin Type – N/A
  • Resin Includes – No
  • GPI Rating – N/A


  • Budget-friendly water softener
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI standard 58
  • Easy DIY installation


  • Not ideal for big households
  • Plastic hardware

3. Pentair WS48-56sxt 10 Fleck Water Softener

You can buy Pentair WS48-56sxt 10 Fleck Water Softener if you want a product that reflects your investment’s value. This water-softening system comes at a relatively affordable price for its features, performance, and specifications.

For instance, some customers reported that the valves and the tank hardware could last up to 27 years with minimal service and hassle-free maintenance.

You’re looking at a system that saves water and energy to reduce the carbon print in your living space.

Pentair WS48-56sxt10 Water Softener Review

It features a safety float that prevents overfill. It also features an intuitive Fleck 5600SXT control for monitoring water usage and customizing capacity settings. The digital panel has a 48-hour power backup that saves the programmed settings in power supply disruption.

Unlike most water-softening systems, this model comes with a 10% crosslinked resin with prolonged longevity. The stronger adhesive bonds in the resin guarantee high purification performance even in on-demand applications. Also, this system removes the calcium and magnesium ions with precision, ensuring steady flow rates of up to 15 GPM.

Other items included in the packaging include a user manual stored in a USB drive, a sanitizer pack, and a lubricant. Most importantly, every successful purchase comes with a water hardness test strip to help you know the correct programming for your water softening needs.


  • Capacity – 2 to 4 bathrooms
  • Warranty – 10 year limited warranty
  • Type – salt based
  • Resin Type – 10% crosslink
  • Resin Includes – Yes
  • GPI Rating – 48,0000


  • 10% crosslink resin
  • Lasts for up to 27 years
  • Fleck 5600SXT digital control


  • Professional installation
  • Limited color options

4. Aquasana EQ-WELL-UV-PRO-AST Whole House Well Water Softener Alternative

Private well water usually experiences more pollution than piped water from the municipal supplies. If you’re drinking straight from a private well, you might purchase Aquasana EQ-WELL-UV-PRO-AST Whole House Well Water Softener Alternative to get rid of 99.96% of pollutants.

This system features starlight UV filtration technology to remove viruses and pathogenic bacteria.

Aquasana EQ-WELL-UV-PRO-AST Water Softener Review

Like other Aquasana water treatment systems, this model also features an up-flow dual-tank design to prevent clogging and increase the contact between the flowing water and the filtration media. Thus, it guarantees you high performance with few maintenance needs. You’ll need to replace the filtration media after one to three months to experience relatively high flow rates.

The manufacturer gives the setup process a revolutionary approach, including a one-year limited warranty on DIY installation. Thus, you don’t have to hire anyone to do the job, provided you can read and understand the installation guidelines. Remember, the warranty will only be valid if you follow all the installation instructions indicated in the user manual.

This system treats your water in up to five stages to improve taste, odor, and quality. It features a sediment pre-filter to trap large particles that would otherwise clog your system. It also features an activated carbon block for aesthetic reduction of chlorine, fluorides, and organic pollutants.


  • Capacity – 500,000 gallons
  • Warranty – Limited warranty
  • Type – Salt free descaler
  • Resin Type – N/A
  • Resin Includes – No
  • GPI Rating – N/A


  • It filters pathogenic bacteria
  • High-capacity water softener (500,000 gallons)
  • Top-grade installation kit


  • It doesn’t remove Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
  • Relatively expensive price tag

5. DuraWater 80k-56sxt-10AL Water Softener

DuraWater 80k-56sxt-10AL Water Softener removes calcium and magnesium ions from your water’s point-of-entry without breaking the bank. This product has a maximum grain capacity of 80,000 backed up with an intuitive Fleck 5600SXT control head for on-demand applications. Thus, you’ll enjoy relatively high flow rates ideal for a household of about two to four bathrooms.

The Fleck 5600SXT control hold has an LCD touchpad for programming. This system makes a go-to option for amateur users as the manufacturer includes the programming instructions in a USB drive.

DuraWater 80k-56sxt-10AL Water Softener Review

Most importantly, it comes with a water hardness test stripe to help you adjust the system to the conditions of your water source.

The system includes a commercial-grade water softener tank with a 10% crosslinking. These features guarantee the tank’s longevity and efficiency, making this system the best money value product. Furthermore, the brine tank features an overflow line to prevent water wastage. It comes in multiple sizes and colors, giving you a great variety, depending on your needs.

Besides the installation guidelines, the packaging includes a bypass valve and a threaded yoke connection to minimize the costs of setting up the system. However, many customers preferred leaving the job to a professional plumber.


  • Capacity – 2.5 cubic foot tank
  • Warranty – Limited warranty
  • Type – Salt based
  • Resin Type – 10% crosslink
  • Resin Includes – Yes
  • GPI Rating – 80,000


  • Improved longevity and durability
  • 10% crosslink medium
  • 80,000 maximum grain capacity


  • Unclear warranty information
  • Increased carbon print

6. Tier1 Whole House Essential Series Water Softener

Lastly, you can also buy Tier1 Whole House Essential Series Water Softener for high-performance whole-house applications, thanks to its relatively high flow rate of up to 10 GPM.

Even though this system uses electricity, it is energy-efficient to help you save money. Moreover, it has a relatively low carbon print to enhance a greener living space.

This water softener system features a cation resin to eliminate hard water ions from your supply. You’ll likely experience prolonged lifespans for household appliances and zero stains on the dishes, sinks, and tabs.

Tier1 Everyday Water Softener Review

Unlike salt-free water softeners, this model eliminates the calcium and magnesium ions without demineralizing your water.

The programming process is nearly automatic. You only need to input the number of users and the hardness water level of your private well for the system to determine the regeneration cycle. However, the packaging doesn’t include a test stripe. Thus, you may need to take a sample for laboratory analysis or purchase a home-based testing kit.

This system can hold up to 130 L of brine and takes up to two hours to regenerate the water supply. Even so, it doesn’t come with an indicator for low salt levels.


  • Capacity – 14×42 inch brine tank
  • Warranty – Limited warranty
  • Type – Salt based
  • Resin Type – Cation resin
  • Resin Includes – Yes
  • GPI Rating – 48,000


  • Great whole-house performance
  • Digital meter control valve
  • Energy-efficient


  • Requires compression fittings
  • Difficult installation

What is a Water Softener for Well Water?

Water softeners for well water are systems that come with a tank medium that attaches to your home water system to remove the calcium and magnesium ions from well water. The tank contains a bead bed rich in sodium ions. The string calcium and magnesium ions displace the sodium ions from the beds into the well water through reverse osmosis. Thus, you end up with soft water at the point of entry and in all plumbing fixtures.

How Do Softeners for Well Water Work?

A high-quality water softener will remove hard water ions such as calcium and magnesium. The system replaces these ions with sodium, giving you soft water at the point of entry. However, salt-free water softeners do not remove calcium and sodium ions from your water. Instead, these systems alter the ion’s structure to condition it in crystals.

The crystals then disintegrate after accumulation and flow with your treated water as inactive calcium and magnesium ions. Even so, these systems prevent scale buildup, rusting, and corrosion.

Why Do You Need a Water Softener for Well Water?

Whether you’re drinking from a private or shared well, a high-quality water softener will improve your experiences with hard water. Unless you reside in a region with low calcium and magnesium concentrations, hard water will often cause scale buildup in the plumbing fixtures and rusting or corrosion in water appliances such as heaters. You may also experience staining on utensils or white linen. You’ll need a water softener system that functions optimally in your private well water conditions to put such woes to an end.

Different Types of Softeners for Well Water

There are four types of water softeners that work with well water. They include:

• Ion exchange water softeners

• Salt-free water conditioners

• Reverse osmosis (RO) water softeners

• Magnetic descaler water softeners

Advantages of the Best Water Softeners for Well Water

The US Environmental Protection Agency does quite an excellent job in ensuring Americans access high-quality drinking water. However, more than 70% of Americans depend on hard water. Moreover, the federal agency pays more attention to contaminants than hardness minerals since they don’t pose a more significant health risk. 

In that case, it’s upon you to take charge of your water. You’ll likely experience the following benefits by installing a long-lasting water softener for well water:

Reduced energy bills

Water heaters and other appliances such as pumping machines function optimally with increased efficiency to cut energy costs.

Prolonged longevity for household appliances

A high-quality water softener will prevent scale buildup in your appliances to prolong the lifespans of dishwashers, water heaters, coffee makers, and air dehumidifiers.

Reduced water usage

A premium water softener can help you save up to 700 gallons of water every year. Soft water lathers easily with soap, unlike hard water. Thus, you’ll use a considerable amount for cleaning than before.

Zero stains

Water softeners either remove or inactivate calcium and magnesium ions to prevent staining on dishes, tabs, and sinks.

Improved skin and hair health

Installing an excellent water softener for well water in your home guarantees an unlimited supply of soft water for years. Unlike hard water, treated water gets absorbed quickly to hydrate your body as soon as after drinking.

Disadvantages of Water Softeners for Well Water

Some of the drawbacks to a water softener for well water area:

• High operating costs for salt-based systems

• Environmental impact due to carbon print

• Inefficient to recycle soft water

What Should You Look for When Buying this Product?

Have these considerations in mind before shopping for the best water softener for well water:

100% Customer Satisfaction

You would want to feel like a welcomed and appreciated customer. Thus, watch out for manufacturers or authorized suppliers with complementary after-sale services such as free shipping costs or lifetime technical support.

Filtration Target

Besides softening your water, you’d also want to tackle more than 100 pollutants prevalent in residential water sources such as well. In that case, go for a system that can trap and filter chlorine, chloramines, dust, and organic contaminants.

Warranty and a Money-Back Guarantee

Though not often, a supplier may deliver the wrong model, different from the water you ordered. The system may also come with manufacturing defects. A limited warranty or money-back guarantee cushions you from such mishaps.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Water Softener for Well Water

Any homeowners want their investment in the best water softener to reflect value and experience all the benefits of soft water. However, that comes if you go through a careful selection process before installing any water-softening system in your home. Here are a few factors to consider to help you make the best buying decision:


A system’s GPI rating guarantees its efficiency and performance. Most products come with a GPI rating of about 40,000 to 100,000. The higher the GPI rating, the more likely you’ll have a good experience with water pressure and flow rates in on-demand applications. However, kindly note that a system with a higher GPI rating will cost more than a lower system.


The capacity determines the number of users for the said water softening system. In some brands, capacity will also indicate the tank’s medium lifespan. Go for high-capacity products if you don’t want to experience delays while waiting for supply regeneration.

Remember, some low-capacity systems take up to three hours to regenerate treated water, during which you’ll have no supply in the plumbing fixtures.


When setting a budget, have considerations about the installation costs, including whether you’ll need to purchase fittings separately. Some brands also sell the whole installation kit separately. You should only pay more for a system whose performance guarantees that price. 

Even so, kindly note that not every inflated price represents quality. You can still get a relatively affordable option whose performance outshines a highly-priced water softening system.

You can save on budget by buying from manufacturers who offer percentage discounts. For instance, the SpringWell brand offers up to 50% discount on all whole-house water treatment systems.


There are four types of water softeners for well water, including salt-free, salt-based, magnetic descaler, and reverse osmosis. These types guarantee the benefits of soft water, such as preventing scale buildup, rusting, and corrosion. 

Even so, salt-based systems will eliminate magnesium and calcium ions from your water supply, while other options condition these ions to prevent them from precipitating.


Choosing the right-sized water-softening system is purely an aesthetic choice. For instance, a home with a small space may find a small-sized system more efficient than a large household with plenty of free space. Go for reputable brands that offer their tanks in multiple sizes to get a variety that matches your space and application needs.


What are some of the notable features of the water softening system that enhance its efficiency and reliability? Watch out for a digital control panel if you’ll need to program the system after installation. You can also settle for a model that features an overflow safety line to prevent water wastage and minimize your carbon print.

Installation and Maintenance

Lastly, it will help if you settle for a water-softening system with a simple installation and hassle-free maintenance. Go for a product that comes with all the parts assembled and extra components required for set up. 

You can also get brands that give up to a one-year warranty for DIY installations. In that case, you’ll need the manufacturer’s installation guidelines for the warranty to be valid. 

However, we suggest leaving the installation job to a professional plumber if you don’t want your skills. Moreover, you don’t want to bother your manufacturer or supplier with a DIY installation warranty, even before experiencing the system’s efficiency to determine whether you’ll ship it back in case of a money-back guarantee.

Wrapping It Up

You’ve seen how much you can benefit by installing the best water softener for well water in your residential home. These systems are relatively affordable and take up to five years before they require any service or repair. 

Even so, remember that each product is unique. Some customers may have a good experience with a salt-based softener, while others may see salt-free systems as the better option. 

Either way, it’s about picking a model that suits your water treatment needs and aesthetic preferences. Click on the individual product links to see the latest discounts and purchase directly from the manufacturers or official vendors.

The H2Home Lab team is dedicated to helping you find the best solutions to your specific water needs, as well as provide troubleshooting tips and guides for water filtration, heating, softening and plumbing. We hope you will find the info you need on our site from any one of our buying guides or subject matter articles.