A tale of two waters: Well Water vs City Water

Well Water vs City Water

Many people are curious about getting back to nature so they don’t have to depend on local infrastructure for services. The concept of self-sufficiency is a growing branch of sustainability, which is redefining businesses of all types and sizes this decade. You may start to consider which is a better option … Read more

How long does a well pump last?

How long does a well pump last

How long does a well pump last really? Like other machines, a suitable well pump ages and will eventually need to be replaced. Deciding whether to repair your well pump or replace it depends on several factors.  A new well pump fitted by professionals should last you many years, but … Read more

How to remove iron from well water?

How to remove iron from well water

Well water is an excellent alternative for public water sources that are sometimes considered unsanitary and unhealthy to rely on. However, private well water comes with its consequences and is sometimes littered with contaminants.  Iron is known to be one of the most prominent contaminants present within well water. Though … Read more

How to Shock a Well Using Chlorine

Shock chlorination is a procedure used to disinfect water systems which include springs and wells. You can shock chlorinate a well or home water system using the simple and detailed steps discussed in this article.